Wednesday, January 28, 2015


It's official. I had to hang up my fabulous plastic tiara with the big, bold "50" on it. To wear it now, would be false advertising.                 

Today I turned 51.

I thought I might be sad. I embraced 50 and shouted it to the world all year. Turning 51, I feared, might be a letdown or worse yet, just sound OLD. I know it sounds old to anyone under the age of 35, but I am still sharing it with the world. Maybe not so much in a "shout." I am after all an adult today and know to use my inside voice.

As an "old" (at least to the younger set) woman, I am often teased for being dramatic in my Facebook posts. My children (now adults themselves) tease me about what they deem my overuse of ellipses in my posts. A favorite activity is to do dramatic readings of my posts for family entertainment. "Kelsey is leaving for Morocco... (read dramatically as "dot, dot, dot") or Cory comes home in three days "dot (long, exaggerated pause), dot (long pause) dot!" You get the idea. As a more mature Facebook user I take some family ribbing. Hopefully, all in good fun.

I also earn the occasional eye roll or private message of "eeww" for what is considered an overshare on my part. No surprise. I am an open book in my life and to the horror of my family, some friends and probably former Facebook friends, an open book on social media too. I don't mean to shock. At least I don't think I do... (dot, dot, dot!).

But probably the biggest complaint from the Fish kids is my posting and tagging them in literally hundreds of photos. As their beaming mom, I think they are simply adorable all the time (no make-up, in PJs, bed hair, food on face or in teeth, no problem!) They disagree. I am proud of them for (so far) not unfriending or blocking me. I am really trying to practice some restraint.

As my birthday gift, I have asked Kelsey to help me set up a Twitter thingy (watch out prepared to say, "eeww.")  I also want to better understand my Instagram.  I have one. No clue how it works. And the whole hashtag thing, well #IamClueless. Did I do that right? No clue. I will learn Saturday and then #WatchOutWorld...

But wait, there's more...
One more thing about Facebook. I often hear folks grumble that social media makes us more distant from the people in our lives. I disagree.  While a physical meeting or phone call is preferable and every attempt should be made to connect that way with those we care about, I have found that I am much more connected to so many through Facebook.  The outpouring of birthday wishes today, literally made my day...week...maybe year! Thank you for all of you who sent love, best wishes and smiley faces. I love it all. #LifeIsSweet

                                                                                               Until next time...


  1. What a fun blog, looking forward to seeing/reading all your adventures throughout the social medias.

    The pictures are classic!


    Fingers crossed that this posts...third times the charm right? ~ Heather

    1. Thank you for your support, Heather! xo

  2. It took me three tries to post to the first blog too, Heather. I was dragged into this tech century by my kids, kicking and screaming. But alas, I am here. Judy, I have avoided the barrage of instagram and twitter until now, but I may consider them depending on how you do first! I agree that social media can be a great tool to keep in touch over the miles with friends, family and acquaintances. I may not always want to see what is posted but I can (and do) easily navigate away from the negative posts. This will be another fun journey with you, Judy. Thanks for letting me tag along.

    1. I am glad you are journeying with me, Anna! xo

    2. With Judy as our ringleader we can learn and do anything!

  3. Happy Birthday Judy! I love your blog posts! Katrina